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ColorJet NANO


Automated smear staining system

  • ColorJet NANO
    is the latest automated smear staining system, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize smear staining.

  • Unparalleled Speed
    Process up to 60 slides per hour, reducing turnaround time for faster diagnoses.

  • Standardized Results
    Achieve consistent and reliable staining outcomes, eliminating manual variability. 

  • Robust Design
    With minimal maintenance, ColorJet NANO ensures durability and reliable operation. 

General Features

  • Easy to Use
    Intuitive 7-inch touch display interface.

  • Simultaneous Staining 
    Stain six slides at once, optimizing efficiency. 

  • Flow-Stream-Staining-Technology (FS²T)
    Precise and controlled stain application for uniform results. 

  • Customized Protocols
    Tailor staining parameters to your specific requirements. 

ColorJet Video



JetDye-AF Staining Reagents

We are thrilled to present JetDye-AF, the world's first alcohol-free ready-to-use staining reagents designed specifically for hematological, microbiological and histological smear staining. Developed with innovation and precision, JetDye-AF sets a new benchmark in staining technology, offering a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional alcohol-based staining methods. JetDye-AF comprises a comprehensive range of staining reagents tailored to meet the diverse needs of laboratories and diagnostic centers. Our groundbreaking AF - Portfolio includes:

Gram Polychrome JetDye-AF * 

Cat.No.: (RG2209012; RG2209013)

An alcohol-free staining reagent specifically formulated for Gram staining, facilitating the identification and differentiation of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

Wright JetDye-AF

Cat.No.: (RG2209006; RG2209002)

This ready-to-use staining reagent delivers exceptional results in Wright staining, enabling the visualization and analysis of blood cells and hematological disorders with unmatched clarity and precision.

Giemsa JetDye-AF 

Cat.No.: (RG2209007; RG2209003)

A cutting-edge staining solution for Giemsa staining, Giemsa JetDye-AF offers enhanced cellular differentiation, making it ideal for the detection and characterization of parasites, bacteria, and cellular abnormalities.

Wright-Giemsa JetDye-AF 

Cat.No.: (RG2209011; RG2209022)

Combining the strengths of Wright and Giemsa staining techniques, this reagent provides a comprehensive staining solution, allowing for a detailed examination of both blood and non-blood specimens in a single procedure.

May-Gruenwald JetDye-AF

Cat.No.: (RG2209008; RG2209004)

Specifically designed for May-Gruenwald staining, this reagent ensures optimum cellular morphology and staining intensity, enhancing the visualization of cellular structures for accurate diagnostic interpretation.


Cat.No.: (RG2209010; RG2209024)

This unique staining reagent combines May-Gruenwald and Giemsa staining methods, enabling comprehensive evaluation of cellular morphology and chromatin patterns for a wide range of specimens.

Methylene Blue JetDye-AF

Cat.No.: (RG2209009; RG2209025)

A versatile staining reagent suitable for a variety of applications, including staining of cells, tissues, and microorganisms, Methylene Blue JetDye-AF delivers consistent and reliable results.

JetBuffer pH6.8

Cat.No.: (RG2209027)

JetBuffer pH 6.8 is used as a phosphate buffer solution according to WEISE for pH-buffered staining solutions.  JetBuffer pH 6.8 is used for Wright-, Giemsa-, May-Gruenwald-, Pappenheim staining solution as a rinsing agent.


Cat.No.: (RG2209031)

JaClean is an alcohol-free cleaning solution for instruments or cuvettes. The Cleaning Solution is intended to clean the reagent tubing pathway of staining machines. JaClean can remove pigments, rough dirt and any kind of fragments. 

JetDye-AF staining reagents have undergone rigorous development and testing to ensure uncompromising quality and performance. Our advanced formulation combines non-alcoholic solvents with a precisely calibrated blend of dyes and reagents, resulting in highly efficient staining without the drawbacks associated with alcohol-based solutions.

Empowering Sustainability, Shaping a Green Future with

Contributing to a Green Laboratory Practice and Minimizing the Ecological Footprint of Staining Procedures in in-vitro-diagnostics.



One significant advantage of alcohol-free staining solutions is their enhanced safety profile. The absence of alcohol eliminates the risk of fire hazards and reduces the potential for toxic fumes in the laboratory environment, ensuring a safer workspace for researchers. Additionally, these solutions are gentler on biological samples, minimizing the risk of sample dehydration and preserving cellular integrity throughout the staining process.


Furthermore, alcohol-free staining solutions are more environmentally friendly compared to their alcohol-based counterparts. The elimination of alcohol reduces the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, contributing to a greener laboratory practice and minimizing the ecological footprint of staining procedures.


As the demand for safer and more efficient laboratory practices continues to grow, alcohol-free staining solutions have emerged as a progressive and transformative alternative to traditional alcohol-based formulations. Their superior safety profile, versatility, and reduced environmental impact make them an attractive choice for researchers, clinicians, and laboratory personnel worldwide.


Quality is not a coincidence -
it's a promise!

Since its establishment in 2019, Bio-Gram has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge In-Vitro-Diagnostic solutions, specifically focused on smear staining and sample preparation. With an unwavering commitment to shaping the future of diagnostics through uncompromisingly high-quality systems,
Bio-Gram has consistently set new standards in the industry by developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable
next-generation Diagnostic Solutions, proudly bearing the mark of "Made in Germany."


At Bio-Gram, we recognize the pivotal role that staining solutions and systems play for accurate diagnostic analysis. Traditionally, alcohol-based staining formulations and manual staining have been widely used, but their inherent drawbacks necessitated a paradigm shift in the field. With a deep understanding of the challenges associated with alcohol-based solutions and a lack of standardization, Bio-Gram has risen to the occasion by pioneering alcohol-free staining solutions and staining systems, heralding a new era in in-vitro-diagnostics.

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Our success is powered by a team of highly skilled professionals hailing from diverse disciplines, working in unison to revolutionize the industry. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, our team fearlessly tackles challenges from multiple perspectives, often embracing unconventional approaches. This approach is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver groundbreaking solutions that are both swift and efficient. With our dedicated team at the helm, we assure you unparalleled expertise, exceptional service, and an unbreakable promise to redefine the boundaries of IVD Systems.

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